Dog Breeders Craigslist Scam

Craigslist has become the place to find everything you are looking for, and the prices are usually cheap. The problem most people face is that the site is riddled with scams and fake advertisements, so it truly is a “buyer beware” or “buy at own risk” type of deal. There are certain things, however, that you do not want to buy from a site like that, such as getting a puppy. Some say there are Purebred Breeders scams that are as bad as Craigslist, but this is clearly extremely false, as there is no such thing as a scam coming from that company.

To begin with, you cannot compare the two sites; they are completely different entities. Craigslist is a place where anyone can go and post an ad for selling or buying a product, which allows for anyone to set up a scam. Purebred Breeders is guaranteed scam free, as they are the only ones who can post the listings of the puppies they are using. All of the puppies on the site have come from breeders that have been checked before being posted. No one is there on Craigslist to check the facts beforehand, so you truly are going into the transaction blind. How that can be construed to be as bad as the non-existence of Purebred Breeders Scams is preposterous.

People want puppies; they are cute, adorable, loveable and more. But the belief that Purebred Breeders scams puppy buyers isn’t justifiable. Besides all that they do to make sure that the puppies are in great health and come from the right breeders, they make sure all customers understand everything that is happening and are there for the customer every step of the process. If all they cared for was money or scamming customers, they would not go through all the trouble of helping customers find the puppy of their dreams and getting that puppy to his or her new home. This seems to be too intricate as Purebred Breeders schemes their way into your heart to buy the legitimate, healthy, purebred puppy that comes with a health guarantee. Don’t be fooled by what others offer, here is the real deal.

So that you understand, the dog breeders on Craigslist scam is not a one of a kind instance; there are others out there trying to tug at your heartstrings to buy the cute pup in the image. The difference here, though, is Craigslist lets everyone sell, while the other company only allows people that have been approved. Why take the risk, when there is a real business that offers what you are looking for, plus guarantees the health of the puppy you bring home? There is no such thing as Purebred Breeders scams, and if there was, they are working way too hard for the fraud. Check it out for yourself, and see how they are not a group of people trying to con you.

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